A new New Zealand
Ka mua, ka muri

As we face the future,  we pause to focus, consider our past, and plan for opportunity.

A unique opportunity

“The leading talent hubs of the past 25 years have mostly been dense, well-connected global cities with excellent restaurants and cultural offerings. That model is over for now.

The new demand is for a safe haven from Covid-19. The ideal for many westerners would be an English-speaking democracy with a developed economy, lots of space and nice weather, though not so hot that it catches fire in summer.

Bring on New Zealand. The country’s isolation has suddenly gone from historic disadvantage to unique selling point.”

The Financial Times, 30 April 2020

How does the New Zealand economy adapt to a new world?

A new New Zealand is a catalyst for this conversation, and what it means for our most significant industries.

A new New Zealand brings together leading commentary on this issue to spark conversations about what is realistic and possible.

The conversation

The world is in the middle of an unprecedented crisis.  The ongoing impact of the pandemic means that the global economy has entered an unknown state. 

In contrast, New Zealand is one of the first countries to emerge from the immediate health crisis, and this creates an extraordinary opportunity. 

A new New Zealand is a collaboration with a handful of inspiring thinkers and informed experts who are thinking about the potential for the country. 

Read what they’re thinking, reflect on the ideas and start a conversation with your friends and colleagues.


Agriculture and Primary Industry

Even before the crisis, the winds of change were sweeping through primary industry. With the rest of the world experiencing severe supply chain disruptions, how could New Zealand agriculture leverage it’s rich history of innovation and resilience to adapt and thrive in this new environment?


The ICT sector is now worth more to the country than the wine industry. We have a world-class technology industry that’s still growing and offers exciting potential to grow even more in a weightless economy that’s increasingly digital. How do we seize this on the global stage?


New Zealand could soon offer one of the rarest experiences in the world - the chance to take a holiday in a country that is free of covid-19. What would this mean for the tourism industry, how would we capitalise on this and what steps would we need to take to make the most of this new value?

The Business Environment

The world economy is going to look very different in the next few months, and this will have a significant impact on New Zealand. How do businesses adapt, how would sustainability be incorporated into a reboot and what will the commercial environment be like?

Who is involved?

 A new New Zealand is a collaboration with a handful of inspiring thinkers and informed experts who are thinking about the potential for the country to emerge from this crisis.  This includes Anna Curzon, Traci Houpapa, Kirk Hope, Rod Oram, Nat Torkington, Paul Bingham and Roger Dennis. You can see the full list here.