Med-tech opportunity

This article showcases an excellent opportunity for the future of New Zealand; a place for future investments in the healthcare industry based in an isolated island nation with an incredibly low COVID-19 case rate. In a future that, for the next few years at the very least, will be dominated by COVID-19 restrictions, standards and other regulations, New Zealand is the perfect place to start these types of companies, especially in the healthcare industry.

As we rebuild our economy and look towards our future these are the types of opportunities I’d like to see embraced in our country. Opportunities that shape our future into a technologically literate, economically successful country through more ways than our traditional reliance on agricultural exports. We’ve already proven our ability to deal with COVID-19 in a globally recognised success and being provided the chance to continue to help the rest of the world with their struggle against the virus is sure to reinforce our global image.

This investment opportunity is a step in the right direction. It will set a precedent that can be built upon by other similar companies and ideas. COVID-19 will undoubtedly change how we do things, not just nationally, but globally. Through opportunities like this start-up, New Zealand can be at the forefront of this change and I personally think this will be a positive course of action.