Dark Sky tourism potential

Tourism is going to change in the future. COVID-19 has already proven this as New Zealand’s tourism industry has been hard hit by the pandemic, as is to be expected. But there will come a time where tourism begins to peak again, where the dangers of the virus are more contained, studied and hopefully treatable. New Zealand should start planning for this eventuality as tourism makes up such a large part of both our image and our economy.

New Zealand’s image as a clean green country is of vital importance to maintain. It’s a large selling point for our nation and will become even more important for prospective tourists in a future where these qualities are growing in importance. If we can continue to project and maintain this image, we should be in a good position post-COVID for our tourism sector to begin recovery. This Dark Sky Park is an excellent example for how New Zealand can market its unique selling points for the rest of the world to see.

The Park showcases both New Zealand’s environment and our attitude towards the land that sustains and nurtures us. It also shows how clean our skies are, something that I think will be a large selling point as overseas countries smog conditions grow. On top of showcasing the natural world that makes up so much of our image it is also important to remember that this vista is genuinely beautiful and showing it off to the rest of the world is a net positive. We’re graced here in this country with a beautiful land that we can use to both help our economy recover post-COVID and maintain our international image.