Remote working opportunities?

This article on Stuff highlights the advantages of not having to physically present in an office.

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Miro, and other online tools have helped many teams to work remotely. In my unscientific sample, I see some people choosing to work from home and some glad to have an office to escape to. Some companies have announced they’ll close their offices, others will need less space. This will hurt commercial real estate prices (and CBD cafes), which is good news for those who actually need the office space.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more cafes spring up in suburbs (providing a local place for those remote workers to escape to) nor to see wholly-remote companies in NZ adopting some of the structures and practices of wholly-remote software companies. For example: Automattic, the company that makes WordPress, is fully remote — each team flies to a fun place for their team meetings (see for more detail).