The Fourth Great Unlock

An unlock is the discovery of an accelerant for a brand, product, or service invisible in plain sight.

In this blog author Scott Galloway outlines the four great unlocks of the past 20 years of business – the latest being Jeff Bezos developing the earth’s first “vaccinated” supply chain.

Scott poses the question “What can we do that is really hard?”

There is certainly no shortage of really hard problems to solve in New Zealand but as Kiwis we have a disproportionately large population of inventors and pioneers. We love big, challenging projects.

One of the “really hard” things we can do is solve New Zealand’s productivity problem by building infrastructure, leveraging automation technologies and supporting workers to retrain for the coming wave of technology roles and automation. 

How might NZ be positioned for the long term if we had a goal to be the most digitally enabled country in the world?

It requires rapid and large scale investment and a coherent and collaborative approach across government, business and communities, but if we get this right it could be the next great unlock of New Zealand’s business history.