Regenerative Agriculture featured in Vogue

A quiet revolution is starting to transform food and fibre production systems around the world. Just as the Green Revolution following World War II introduced a dramatic lift in food production principally from the utilisation of vast quantities of synthetic fertiliser, this revolution is seeking to reverse this prevailing mentality in farming by focusing on regenerating soils naturally. 

Called Regenerative Agriculture, it is a farming system that values two principles highly: (1) enrichment of the soil without the use of chemical fertilisers and (2) the introduction of a higher diversity of plant species into the pastures and surrounding wetland and forestry areas. The result is a lower environmental¬†footprint, healthier soils and happier (more productive) animals … which should all contribute to a healthier bottom line.

In this article we see Regenerative Agriculture start to become more mainstream. Vogue is about as far from farming as you can get, but it is highlighting the potential transformation of the fashion supply chain as big brands such as Patagonia begin promoting clothing produced through regenerative agriculture principles. Expect to see this become a much larger component of the food and fibre sector conversation in the years ahead.

New Zealand can lead in this space given the intrinsics in our farm systems relative to those overseas, but only if we are deliberate about moving in that direction.