Give every kiwi $200 for tourist activities?

From Stuff: Hobbiton’s CEO says rescue package a ‘joke’ and they want some answers.

In a normal year an additional $400M for tourism (over and above the $100M for Tourism New Zealand) would be treated with a lot more enthusiasm.

But this is as far from normal as you can get. It’s very hard to plan when there are so many unknowns.

The Minister has said this is just the start, maybe there’s another wage subsidy extension and what’s a strategic asset anyway?

One idea not examined yet is a derivative of a (not launched) USA campaign we worked on a decade ago which looked at giving free international flights to tourists if they committed to spend big dollars on their vacations. Why not give every kiwi $200 to spend on pre-approved tourism activities?

Now that would boost domestic and give some hope and certainty in this environment.