A Ten Point Plan for recovery

Writing in The Spinoff, Charles Finny outlines a ten point plan that outlines how the NZ economy can emerge stronger from the crisis. It’s worthy of attention for two reasons. Firstly, Finny has extensive international trade experience in many markets. Secondly, the action points are very tangible and able to be implemented by policy people within government.

In summary, his plan involves export diversification, support for NZ manufacturing, confirming international trade agreements, developing distance learning for universities, a new brand for NZ and support for the Maori economy.

These steps are a solid foundation for stablising the economy, but I think there’s more. For example, if someone had said to me ten years ago that NZ would have a viable space industry doing regular satellite launches, I probably would have laughed.

I’m interested in exploring ‘step-change’ opportunities for New Zealand, and how a close collaboration with the public and private sectors would move more ideas from laughter to reality.